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Maverick is a permissionless derivatives protocol with an innovative liquidity bootstrapping mechanism—the "Automated Liquidity Placement vAMM"—that positions liquidity more effectively around the market price. This results in benefits for both LPs and traders by improving capital efficiency as well as enabling low slippage. This unique mechanism allows Maverick to be the first protocol that can quickly expand to support many exotic pairs that are not currently available in centralized or decentralized perpetual markets.

Liquidity providers can use Maverick to find enhanced yield farming opportunities for any ERC20 token they might hold, and our Gaussian Automated Liquidity Placement mechanism removes the need for them to constantly manage their liquidity. Traders can open long or short positions on token pairs with up to 10x buying power, profiting from the deep liquidity and low slippage enabled by Maverick’s game-changing market mechanism design.