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Make A Difference Token relaunched from V1 to V2. For more Information, visit here
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Make A Difference Token relaunched from V1 to V2. For more Information, visit here

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About Make A Difference Token

Make A Difference Token is a charity-focused blockchain development company. The company’s diverse and international team is unified by the mission to establish a philanthropic ecosystem that bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and charity.

MAD Token’s flagship product is the Make A Donation Platform which allows users to donate crypto to vetted charities and nonprofit organizations. MAD Token’s charity partners range in size from local to multinational. Each charity partner is a registered and tax-exempt non-profit in its respective jurisdiction, and users who donate to charities within their own country are eligible for tax deductions when donating through the MAD Platform. Users of the platform have the option to receive a detailed receipt for their donations that makes it easy to claim tax deductions, with instant crypto-to-fiat donation conversions and charity information included in the receipt. Alternatively, users can choose to make their donations anonymously. Crypto donations in non-MAD currencies are converted to MAD as part of the donation process which makes it simple for charities to keep track of their crypto donations and creates an incentive for both charities and investors to hold MAD as increases in donation volume lead to an increased token price.

In addition to the MAD Platform, MAD Token has a decentralized exchange - MADex - that simplifies the process of swapping currencies to and from MAD. Charities, donors, investors, and traders have access to MADex and its budding list of features. Staking/farming, lottery contracts, NFT integration, and many more fun and exciting features are being developed to make MAD Token’s ecosystem a destination for cryptocurrency aficionados as well as the general public, for whom crypto-charity provides an interesting access point to the fascinating world of decentralized finance.

MAD Token prides itself on its transparency and is working to build a community with a singular focus on making a difference for worthy charitable causes. With regular AMAs to address community questions and spotlight MAD’s charity partners, the team builds trust and recognition in both the charity and crypto spaces. MAD emphasizes education for charities and crypto users to empower every person to gain the benefits and minimize the risks of cryptocurrencies, while creating a mutually beneficial relationship for cryptocurrency investors and the charities whom are able to effectively utilize the technological and financial advantages accessible through smart contract and blockchain technologies.