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KILLTHEZERO is Game token on the Binance Smart Chain and a deflationary token with exciting ‘kill the zero festivals’ as each zero is killed. We plan on making a game where everybody can become a ninja to defeat villains and get rewarded in Augmented Reality.

As a combination of state-of-the-art blockchain technology, real-time graphics, multiplayer AR gaming and decentralized financial technologies. KILLTHEZERO represents of all such technologies presents a unique opportunity not only for the gaming industry but also for other sectors such as finance, entertainment and blockchain. Also, it enables people to make money and have fun at the same time.

Tokenomics 7% Burn 2% Liquidity 1% Marketing All reflection cryptos are dumped in the market. Therefore, We created the strongest tokenomics possible to succeed and for that reason we put deflation at core when desigining the token.

What is KTZ Game Pak? We introduce you to http://t.me/KTZgamebot We’re building a community-driven game platform to let all Telegram users around the world know about the KTZ Project.

Make your dreams come true with KILLTHEZERO Project! It’s every game player’s dream to make their own game. But developing a game is a challenging process that involves dealing with technology barriers. So we decided to support anyone who has a killer game idea to realize their dreams. We will help you build a game that is enjoyed by all Telegram users across the world. The costs associated with game development will be completely free, and you will get a special reward if your idea is picked. We are going to launch at least 1 HTM5-based game through our telegram gamebot every month. We look forward to your participation.

Submit an Application: https://forms.gle/M9StuDSffS6sRhCY7