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What is JokerManor

JokerManor is a GameFi Aggregator and Launchpad, with a number of value-added DeFi features, that add value for the community as a whole, making it more inclusive, integrated, and focussed and that allows players to earn rewards and assets (NFTs) by playing their favorite games in the metaverse, as well, players can also increase their revenue via liquidity mining and yield farming. Brand exposure, marketing, advertising and general exposure for all (large and small) brands, within and for the games ecosystem will also be offered as the ecosystem grows. An option within the game and or ecosystem, to purchase products and or services from the brands directly from the platform. But, players will first need to connect a BSC network-compatible wallet, browse their favorite Metaverse games and start playing.

Vision & Mission

JokerManor aims to build a GameFi Metaverse that is both inclusive, efficient and effective in connecting the whole ecosystem, including game developers, publishers, gamers and brands. Within the JokerManor ecosystem, developers can launch decentralized games and players can play games and earn revenue and or assets (NFTs), with brands being offered the ability to market and get exposure to their products and or services. JokerManor hopes that by building a completely inclusive and integrated ecosystem, we can attract a wider community of quality game developers, who by joining will provide a more diverse and optimum quality of the overall game and game experience, as well, attract more players to the global blockchain-based GameFi market, and together promote the development and growth of the global gaming ecosystem, the the aim is definitely more geared towards quality and inclusiveness.