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HFi is a project initiated within the Ethereum network. It aims to become the best store of value token benefiting from the Ethereum network advanced technology, and to be the first Holders centric project of the Crosschain DeFi ecosystem. It rewards early adopters and Holders of HFi who stake this community-driven token. Indeed, the longer you stake HFi, the more you are rewarded by earning more HFi. The very limited total supply combined with the huge potential of the crosschain ecosystem converge to develop the decentralized finance (DeFi) exposure. The purpose of HFi is to become a digital store of value, like a digital gold combining the fast transaction speed a metadata structure of its main product “HolderSwap” to tackle the high gas cost fees on Ethereum thus, allows to anyone worldwide to be part of HFi project and build their future wealth. HFi is initiated and developed with the community in mind and for the purpose of rewarding its members proportional to their investment.

About HFi HFi aims to become the best store of value token in DeFi: Multi rewards for HFi tokens holders HFi has a very high scarcity: Release of the total supply over 10 years Very low supply: A fixed 1,000 HFi tokens total supply Main product built on top of the HFi ecosystem: HolderSwap (HFS), a Decentralized & innovative plugin platform to trade on Uniswap GAS FREE