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In today's world where gunfire is flying, people are living in distrust and fear, only and , which are loved by people all over the world, bring new peace and love! Hayya is a historic blockchain experiment following the defi protocol to help every child who loves football in the world!

We will start from Vietnam to help children in all orphanages and schools. Their lives will be improved, and they will put up banners and put on Hayya's jerseys for every game the streets, newspapers, TV news will appear Hayya's reputation. Two hundred Vietnamese team leaders entered the venue and reported daily work progress. We are doing ground push, and we are also doing charity. A World Cup charity wave and blockchain revolution sweeping the world is about to rise! At the same time NFT work, for the first time, we will cooperate with Jay Chou, who is loved by the people of Southeast Asia, to make his new album as our Hayya's NFT, and will invite him to be the music charity ambassador in China.