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GingerCat is a DeFi concept cat spirit project jointly issued by the cat community. The idea is to share cats with every human being on earth. Share cuteness, caring and fun, no private equity, no crowdfunding. Team members are also developing a quantum-level(Superluminal) mobile quotation app around the clock. The total amount of 999 million tokens will also be destroyed by black holes every quarter until 99% of the quantity is destroyed.

The GingerCat community issued token GCAT will create a total supply of nine digits with the meaning “A cat has nine lives” (of course, cats are also easily injured in real life). After a heated discussion, it was agreed to lock the final circulating supply to 9,999,999, and the GingerCat token was officially born!

Tokenomics: Total Supply: 999,999,999 Circulating Supply: 9,999,999 -Team:1,000,000 -Airdrop:500,000 -Development:500,000 -Liquidity:7,999,999

Coin Burn: The GCAT burning events are scheduled to take place every quarter until 990,000,000 GCAT are finally destroyed, which represents 99% of the total GCAT ever issued (999,999,999 GCAT).

As soon as a quarterly Coin Burn takes place, Team makes an official announcement that specifies the amount of GCAT coins that were burned. You can verify all GCAT BEP-20 Coin Burn transactions on Binance Smart Chain Explorer, such as Bscscan. The burning transactions are public, irreversible and permanently recorded on the blockchain.

GingerCat development: The team is developing a quantum superluminal mobile quotation app, which is expected to be launched in June-July 2021.