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80,110,750 GLINK
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160,000,000 GLINK
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May 31, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Sep 18, 2023 (3 months ago)
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About Gemlink

Proof of Work (POW): Gemlink (GLINK) is mineable through a Proof of Work consensus mechanism. Miners can participate in securing the network and validating transactions through the computational work they perform.

Privacy and Anonymity: Gemlink is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that prioritizes secure and anonymous transactions and data transfers.

Zk-SNARK Technology: It is built on Zk-SNARK technology, ensuring efficient and secure proof protocols.

User Security: Gemlink aims to provide a fully secure and anonymous experience for users and is committed to continuous updates and development to maintain a high level of privacy.

Support for Applications: The project supports the development of applications and services based on private coins to meet various user needs.

Tokenomics: Gemlink uses the Equihash algorithm, with a 60-second block time and a block reward of 30 Gemlink. Halvings occur every 2,102,400 blocks, and a total of approximately 160,000,000 Gemlink coins will be mined.

Masternodes: Gemlink emphasizes the importance of masternodes for authorizing and securing the blockchain, with masternode owners receiving rewards and participating in the decision-making process.

Four Development Areas: Gemlink's development is divided into four key areas: MiracleBox wallet, AI Bot, game platform, and a cryptocurrency exchange with Gemlink token as fee.

MiracleBox Wallet: Offers features like SWAP capabilities, masternode support, and integration with other wallets.

AI Bot: - soon Utilizes advanced algorithms for market analysis and trading strategies.

Game Platform: Focuses on expanding game offerings and introducing social features.

Cryptocurrency Exchange - soon: Aims to provide a user-friendly platform with liquidity and enhanced security measures.

User-Centric Development: Gemlink prioritizes the user experience and strives to deliver the best services. The team continues to work on expanding features, improving security, and integrating with other platforms to meet user expectations.

Exchange Availability: Gemlink (GLINK) is available for trading on several exchanges: