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FXG is a Gamefi that integrates mobile games and end-to-end games based on BSC. For players, we can trade all levels of fish grabbing NFT equipment and game demand items in fishing expert, which perfectly solves the characteristics that game players cannot trade freely based on the restrictions between wallets. It can be traded one-to-one according to the needs of different players. First, it saves a lot of time and cost.

This is an expedition to the underwater world, where you can display various fishing skills and enjoy the fun of catching big fish, but not all fish are friendly. They will protect themselves and defend their own underwater world in their own way. Of course, this is also a place where adventure and opportunity coexist. Many treasures buried under the sea are waiting to be explored. The players need to cooperate with each other in each stage of the game. In this way, they can successfully complete the tasks of fishing and expert according to the traditional game mode. At the same time, in daily fishing, fish are no longer just the target of hunting. They will also take the initiative to attack players. The more advanced the area is, the more aggressive the fish will be! Players need to constantly improve themselves in order to explore more new waters.

In addition, the game also adds a domineering hierarchy. It is not only the balance of hierarchy, but also the symbol of identity. After in-depth experience of fishing expert, you will find that this is a leisure fishing game, but it is more than that. Fishing expert brings more possibilities for fishing and more fun for players.