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Super deflationary token with BUSD reward per hold. Universal swap aggregator for 7 blockchains and 21 decentralized exchanges with arbitrage function, our robot gives you the best rate. Also, from each swap, there is a buyback and burning (more than 50% burned). Our aggregator consists of a fast swap at the best rate, a trading bot with stop loss and take profit functions, and a sniper bot. What problems does our ecosystem solve? Our aggregator works in DEX, which means that your money is stored only on your wallet, and not on the exchange. Our robot has a stop loss system, you choose a pair of currencies and set a price limit, as soon as the price of the selected coin falls, the robot will sell the coin. That is, if the holders of LUNA, FTX and other devalued coins used our robot, they would not lose their funds and if the robot falls, it will sell coins, there is also a trade and take profit function, you can set the price range, and the robot will trade buy and sell the coin earning you money with the stop loss function.