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Self-reported circulating supply
15,000,000 FDAO
Total supply
20,000,000 FDAO
Max. supply
20,000,000 FDAO
Self-Reported Tags
PlatformDeFiDAOShow all

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About Figure DAO

What is Figure DAO (FDAO)?

Figure DAO is a protocol for decentralized fundraising. It enables projects to raise funds, with one of the most diverse types of profiles in the market.

What is Figure DAO Launchpad?

Figure DAO Launchpad is a launch pad for cryptocurrency projects. It allows selected projects to be launched on the platform, allowing users to purchase tokens from those projects. The platform uses artificial intelligence to get a better evaluation of projects to be selected and aims to provide an easier and more accessible way for users to participate in the launch of new projects and engage with the cryptocurrency community.