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About FADO Go

From Fado.vn, Top 1 cross-border e-commerce in Vietnam & Cambodia.

A blockchain-based platform that facilitates cross-border shopping by connecting consumers, brands, KOLs, and logistics providers on a decentralized network. Shoppers can enjoy the global online shopping experience and earn rewards in cryptocurrency.

FADO Go creates a dual-token ecosystem with FADO (Utility Token) and FGT (Governance Token) to establish sustainable and long-term business growth. FADO & FGT token is our exceptional selling proposition to e-commerce and crypto users. We aim to capture the crypto user segment and create unique incentives to use Fadogo.io more strongly for global shoppers. The addition of FADO & FGT provides more benefits and enhances user engagement on top of our existing strengths.

  • FADO utility token is designed to encourage loyalty from our global shoppers who use our platforms internationally while increasing the distribution and liquidity of the token.
  • FADO holders will be prioritized in FGT token sale with special discounts & benefits.
  • Both tokens will be issued on multi-chain and firstly built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will be listed on both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges (CEXs and DEXs).
  • FGT governance tokens represent voting powers in the ecosystem and have the deflation mechanism through Buy Back & Burn based on FADO Go’s revenue. Holders will shape the future of FADO Go by showing their support/disapproval for upgrades in the ecosystem and deciding the usage of the community treasury.
  • Shoppers will be able to earn extra income with FADO Go if they stake either or both tokens, participate in key governance votes, and pay for goods & services on the shopping platform.