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VaultDeFi is a unique multi-token project with flexible and interchangeable commodities. These assets have been uniquely designed to reward holders with proprietary double compounding interest, highlighted with our innovative “delete bag” function that burns a percentage of the current supply with all transactions creating a direct benefit to the current market supply developing a larger market share for all investors. Having hyper-deflationary rewarding assets are revolutionary in the DeFi space and will be beneficial to all investors.

VaultDeFi’s distinctive reflections system allows Digital Asset investors to diversify their portfolios even while only holding a single token. This unique token offers two dividends SafeVault and SETH. Due to Surges innovative smart contracts, this is a great way to invest in The Central Markets cryptocurrencies for the long term, as they offer a hedge against a bear market or greatly benefit from a bull market.

For example, holding their new ETHVAULT token rewards an investor in high-interest SurgeETH 83%. SurgeETH is a risk mitigated, hedged Ethereum. Because of its 6% buy, transfer, and sell fees, the value of Surge always rises while pegged to Ethereum's value.