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ECOFI MECHANISM The EcoFi protocol is designed to equitably disburse value among system participants through a unique infrastructure hinging on infinite scarcity, made possible due to the unique mechanics of EcoFi's distribution mechanism.

This is achieved by staking ECO tokens through the EcoFi protocol to mint SPRT tokens. SPRT is unique, in that it features an endlessly finite supply. Every time SPRT tokens are exchanged for a good or service in the EcoFi marketplace, such as in the HYPEROBJECT FINE ART Gallery, half the SPRT tokens are burned.

Burning SPRT at every economic gateway safeguards against the type of excess that ultimately drives down value, effectively eliminating the drawbacks associated with recirculation.

This gives the staking platform the capacity to scale upward or downwards with the market based on demand. SPRT tokens can only be obtained by either staking ECO, or on whatever secondary market arises. SPRT tokens are the exclusive means through which a number of goods and services can be accessed in the digital marketplaces connected to the EcoFi platform.

FARMING NFTS WITH SPRT TOKENS Every day users have a choice to either withdraw their SPRT rewards or keep the SPRT tokens they have earned in the vault to continue generating compounding rewards. The SPRT tokens in the vault can also be used to generate NFTs. When generating an NFT with SPRT tokens, the NFT is deposited into an address of the user’s choice, while the SPRT is burned. The EcoFi team is working to integrate features that support atomic swaps for SPRT and different crypto assets in the future.