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EBUSD Price Live Data

What is EarnBUSD? EarnBUSD is the first child token of the MoonRatX (MoonRat Ecosystem) that implements the most innovative feature Proof Of Trade.

There are two ways to earn in our EarnBUSD: trade and hold your tokens to earn rewards.

EarnBUSD combines these most innovative technologies: Proof of Trade, Earn by Holding AntiWhales. EarnBUSD also has excellent features like Limit holding, Reflection Reward, Automatic Liquidity Pool, community-driven, and fair-launched token.

EarnBUSD has a full security audit by Certik - the leading security-focused ranking platform for DeFi projects.

Proof of Trade - The Trading Fee Is for Traders

Every time you trade EBUSD, you receive an amount of MRX token based on the number of child tokens you traded. The ratio is 1:1 called MRX Mint Rate. For example, when you buy or sell 1000 EBUSD; you receive 1000 MRX.

There is a 12% tax applying for all these trading pairs:

● 5% of tax is for automatic LP

● 2% for reflection rewards to all holders

● 5% for Reward Pool. Reward Pool separates into two pools: Instant Reward Pool for traders and Weekly Reward Pool for holders. EarnBUSD has its own dashboard

You can exchange MRX to collect Instant Rewards whenever you want.

After each collection:

  • 75.5% of your MRX will be burned
  • 20% will be sent to the Reserved Wallet (Marketing and Operation Fund)
  • You keep 4.5% as a gift (MRX Gift Rate)

You have to trade again to gain more new MRX.