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$DOSA Price Live Data

Dosa is a Web3 protocol that enables holders of the $Dosa token to vote for how the Dosa treasury wallet is spent, in a function known as the “Dosa Bomb”.

The Dosa Bomb is a DeFi wallet-integrated tool that entitles Dosa Fuses to vote on where the Dosa Bomb Wallet is spent.

The Bomb Wallet gradually builds toward $50,000 from a tax on the transaction volume as the $Dosa token is traded. Each Dosa Bomb has 4 Contender projects that are vying to receive the $50,000 Dosa Bomb buy.

Whichever Contender has the most votes when the Bomb Wallet reaches $50,000, will receive the full amount in the form of ETH swapped for their token. This buy is then claimable by the Dosa Chiefs at the time of the buy.