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DINA is a community driven, Fair launched MeMe Token, No Team Allocation, 100% decentralized liquidity pool, No one own contract key. Dina aims to establish a DeFi protocol of wealth redistribution, Which will transfer money from the impatient person to the patient person.

Tokenomics: Four simple functions occur during each trade: FOMO, LP Acquisition, Static Reward & Burn. The minimum fee of any single transaction is 10%, and the maximum fee is 30%. Among them, 1%-5% fomo bonus pool, 2% community operation, 3%-11% locked liquidity pool, 4%-12% static reward(The black hole as one of holders).

What makes DINA different from other tokens? 100% decentralized liquidity pool, The opening price was 20% of the presale price, a more stable early stage (Determine the handling fee rate according to the health status of the liquidity pool), and a healthier later stage (The fomo bonus pool continues to stimulate buying).