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About Digifit

Digifit (DGI) is a community-driven social cause ERC20 Token with rewards for holders.

DGI will be the native utility token for the Digifit ecosystem providing payments to fitness trainers, rewards for users, and ways for the community to interact.

Digifit is a health and wellness project that aims to change the perspective of how people perform their daily exercises. Digifit aims to offer a state-of-the-art application that keeps track of daily exercise routines, meal plans, fitness levels, and fitness competitions. Digifit uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to incentivize and motivate its users. The online software automatically sets goals for users and rewards them in its native token DGI for completing each goal. This method not only helps in improving the fitness level of the person but also motivates them to keep doing more and remain physically active.

We chose to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to give an incentive for individuals to become more active, healthy, and fit by using a social-based and social-oriented approach. We also created a utility token, DGI to connect this concept to its online ecosystem, enabling the development of an integrated ecosystem that includes concepts like a marketplace, sports-based payments, ad system, charity funding, rewards, games, competitions, and more.

DGI will enable considerably cheaper access to virtual, real-life, and on-demand exercise services since fitness memberships are out of reach for a large portion of the population. Retailers and buyers would benefit from inexpensive management solutions and transaction facilitation provided by the fitness and health sectors. Digifit will allow trainers and partners to provide NFT’s for the community which users will be able to make purchases and transactions using the native DGI token.