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DeCus is a decentralized and high-performance cross-chain platform dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem and making other blockchain assets flow freely across different chains.

What are the advantages of DeCus?

Decentralization DeCus uses a system of “Custodian Network” to accomplish the custody of the native bitcoin assets. All keepers with equal weights in the Custodian Network are permission-less to join or leave the network at will and are randomly selected to undertake the custody work, thus preventing a single point of failure, which means it is impossible for one Keeper to steal the native BTC assets from the system.

Censorship Resistance No KYC, No AML. Anyone can create, exchange, and use the BTC- pegged tokens minted by DeCus, regardless of their identity or what jurisdiction they are in.

No Settlement Risk The user's collateral is native bitcoin, so the creation of BTC-pegged tokens is just a mapping done 1:1 on a new network, without settlement risk and decoupling risk.

High Minting Capacity The upper limit of the number of BTC-pegged tokens that can be minted by DeCus is quite high, compared to other current solutions in this market.

High Capital Utilization DeCus can ensure the security of the custodian network with no over- collateralization provided by the Keepers, thereby enhancing the capital utilization for all the Keepers in the system.

Scalability of the underlying assets This safe and efficient cross-chain custody model built by DeCus can also be adapted to other popular assets outside Bitcoin, like LTC, DOGE, ADA, and BCH, making a cross-chain version of assets on multiple public chains.