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About Cryptopia

Cryptopia - a unique blockchain-driven metaverse game

  • Free-to-play and free-to-earn No NFT purchase required in order to play and earn. You get your starter NFT for free and off you go. Watch this to understand why we are free.

  • Sustainable economy Stimulated by positive game loops and upgradable NFTs, value is added instead of extracted.

  • Circular rewards Everything that is used in the game (resources, tokens, NFTs) flows into a game treasury which generates rewards for new players.

  • Easy and secure Built on top of a multi-sig wallet, so no external wallet necessary (e.g. MetaMask). Transactions are done from within the game and are similar to buying and selling in non-blockchain games.

  • 100% decentralized Ownership of game items is safe guarded by community governance of utility. No change of rules without community consent. Understand why decentralization is crucial for blockchain gaming in this video.

4X game Cryptopia is a 4X game: explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. Similar to Civilization, Catan and the Settlers, Cryptopia revolves around growing your empire and becoming dominant.

Restart of society The game is set in a story about civilization becoming unstable and unsustainable. A group of people decides to restart outside of existing structures. Cryptopia is an independent city-state society based on the blockchain, where citizens can buy, sell, vote, and perform other essential activities using a safe, secure, and transparent system.

Rise of Factions Not everyone interpreted the new society the same way. Some believed Cryptopia was meant to create fantastic wealth, while others saw an opportunity to start fresh and save the environment. Still others believed that essential policies should be based on technology, while others argued they should be made with the people’s consensus. Inevitably, these disparate agendas splintered the citizens into four Factions.

Choose your path Regardless of your faction, you can play any way you want. You can invest in resources and facilities, and control supply chains as a true Tycoon. You can venture out and help other players, leveling up your skills, specialize and earn an income as an Adventurer. You can become a crafter of valuable NFTs, a breeder of rare companions, and a battle master. You can go to the dark side and become a pirate or stay in the light and hunt pirates as a bounty hunter.

Except for becoming a pirate - this is permanent!- you can do anything anytime.

Tokens All items in the game are tokens and represent real value. There are fungible tokens for resources and products like oil, gold, glass and plastic. And there are non-fungible tokens for items that represent ownership or uniqueness: for example ships, blueprints for construction of buildings and title deeds.

Some resources are infinite, like wood, stone and sand. The rest is finite, making some resources scarce and very valuable. All resources and items are denominated in Cryptos: TOS. Also, TOS is used for several rewards: quest rewards, staking rewards, node operator rewards, etc.

*TOS There is a fixed supply of 10 billion TOS. We reserved a large share for the players: 2.4 billion TOS (24%) is locked in the game and waiting to be rewarded to players.

TOS will trade on our own Cryptopia DEX and several centralized exchanges. By the way, players are free to start their own DEX in Cryptopia and create trading pairs as they see fit. Decentralization FTW!

Co-op In Cryptopia working together pays off. The game is designed to reward cooperation. Hiring other players or getting hired is the only way to progress. If you want to build or produce you need labor. And labor can only be provided by other players.

Official Links - Website - Wiki - Discord - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - CoinMarketCap - Twitch - Spotify

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