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Launched in 20 April 2022 by a team based in the United States of America, Crypto Blocks is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) based investing initiative.

Who is Crypto Blocks? The Crypto Blocks DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and open-source initiative on the Ethereum network. The project is run by persons across the world with $BLOCKS governance token. All DAOs are primarily social and technical communities oriented around specific aim and projects in the Ethereum ecosystem and do not necessarily imply the existence of traditional corporate forms. Crypto Blocks DAO is owned and managed by its members collectively, usually with treasuries that are accessible only with the approval of the members. Major and minor decisions are made through proposals and then the community votes on a specific period. What does the Crypto Blocks DAO ecosystem look like? Crypto Blocks has two distinct branches: Tokens and NFTs. • Tokens: The total supply of tokens is currently 238 million tokens. Token distribution is divided at varied percentages to be sold, locked, or used for project development. In total, 15% of tokens will be sold at launch, 30% will be locked in liquidity, 15% will be used for project development, 10% will be locked for 3 years for the team, and 30% will remain for the DAO. • NFTs: Crypto Blocks DAO currently holds 10,000 NFTs with 7-tiers ranked by rarity. Higher tiers offer more exclusive benefits such as access to the Crypto Blocks Educate program. Quantities sold are limited per person to increase fair distribution for both token and NFTs.

What is the Crypto Block Educate Program? Launching in mid August 2022 by Crypto Blocks, the Crypto Blocks Educate program is dedicated towards bridging the gap between the layman and the expert. Cryptocurrency is a unique industry that some may find difficult to understand or navigate and with no centralized model of education in place, it’s difficult to find a trusted source of knowledge to learn from. Crypto Blocks Educate is reducing this disparity through its database of videos accessible to Crypto Blocks users who are looking to increase their knowledge of crypto and how to invest in it. Crypto Blocks Educate program offers users an easy to navigate video archive they can trust to provide them with the information they need to go from crypto novice to crypto expert. The goal of the program is to take an individual with little to no knowledge about cryptocurrency or DeFi and educate them to the level of a professional cryptocurrency investor.