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The Collective is a RSA based Fintech company. Within The Collective ecosystem exists several products. The heart of the ecosystem is a community management company dedicated exclusively to the incubation and management of ICOs/IEOs/ITOs.

We offer a large range of services to our clients.

Community Development: Community development is essential to blockchain companies today. We provide multi platform, 24/7 support and management.

Social Media Awareness: The Collective boosts a company’s social media reach through consistent, informative content streams.

Competitions & Promos: The Collective has extensive expertise in managing competitions, bounty programs, launch parties, and other viral promotion opportunities.

White Paper Development: White Papers are an important element of presenting a company’s vision. The Collective offers white paper services including review of existing ones to new creations.

Crypto Expertise: As a group of crypto-enthusiasts, our team can provide support to all levels of user. The team stays ahead of the curve by keeping current on all major industry trends and tools

First Line Support: The Collective Team is the first line of support for your company, allowing your team to stay focused on your deliverables.

Influencer Network: The Collective maintains relationships with leading industry voices providing clients with access to this network of vetted influencers with pre-negotiated pricing advantages.