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What is CeBioLabs (CBSL)?

CeBioLabs (CBSL) is a utility token to link blockchain technology to CBD and cannabis market players. The CBSL token will take over the B2B payment functions as a main part of the following systems:

  • CeBioLabs SCM: Blockchain-based supply chain management system for cannabis and CBD products
  • CBSL Marketplace: (Decentralized) Marketplace for CBD and Cannabis products and rights
  • Blockchain-based Certificate of Authenticity platform for CBD and cannabis laboratory analysis

Producers of cannabis and CBD products, traders and other stakeholders can use our paid blockchain-based systems. Companies can only pay the user fees for the innovative systems and solutions in CBSL tokens. This exclusivity is further reinforced by the global orientation of the solutions and makes the CBSL token the focus of activities.

The CBSL token also has real benefits for private investors. The holders of CBSL tokens will be offered exclusive benefits in the numerous planned e-commerce projects. These can be discounts, free product samples or participation in exclusive events.

Who are the Founders of CeBioLabs (CBSL)?

CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH was founded in Germany in late 2021 and is the legal entity behind the CeBioLabs project. Together with two other German companies, CeBiol GmbH and getViews Consulting UG, the CeBiol Blockahin Solutions GmbH provides personnel and financial support to the CeBioLabs project. CeBiol GmbH has been successfully selling CBD products on the European market for several years. Through the experience gained in recent years, and a broad network of other market participants, they know the market for CBD and Cannabis with its strengths and weaknesses very well. Due to the proximity to the market and constant first-hand information, one can recognize trends, react quickly, and adapt to the needs of the market. getViews Consulting UG, on the other hand, is composed of a team of experts in crypto and blockchain technology who have the technical know-how. All 3 companies, CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH, CeBiol GmbH and GetViews UG act in partnership with each other and support the CeBioLabs project. The use of all synergies of these three companies offers the CeBioLabs project the perfect conditions as well as unlimited possibilities and make it so unique. The CeBioLabs project is accompanied and legally secured by a renowned German law firm for finance and capital law.

Buyback and Burn Mechanism

CeBioLabs has conceptually implemented a buyback and burn mechanism linked to the real economy. 10 percent of CeBiol GmbH's annual profits are used to buy and burn CBSL tokens on the open market. In addition, CeBioLabs will launch numerous e-commerce projects in the field of CBD and cannabis. Parts of these sales are also used for buybacks and burns of the CBSL token.