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ccFOUND aims to create the largest online, self-updating, multilingual knowledge database. The database will be divided into individual thematic sections. ccFOUND helps you to learn about any topic by providing information in the most natural way: through QUESTIONS and ANSWERS. Just like Uber began conquering the market from the San Francisco region, and Facebook from Harvard students, ccFOUND begins the third Internet information revolution with investment topics, and then gradually moves on to the next ones. In terms of investments, ccFOUND starts by focusing on the cryptocurrency niche. It is a market with enormous growth potential, where the number of users is expected to increase exponentially in the next few years. This is also a challenge, because people who have never had practical contact with this technology will want to read about cryptocurrencies. In view of the ubiquitous information chaos, such people will lack support and an entity that will explain this subject, answer nagging questions and organize their knowledge will win the game.