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Brixel War is a play-to-earn game based on Binance Smart Chain. The game is a turn-based MMO for mobile and PC where players operate Bxies to win battles and earn cryptos.

Every Brixel in Brixel War boasts unique skills and properties that allow it to take on various combat roles, such as a tank role, a support role, an attack role, and combination roles with further customization evolving from the game’s system. While Brixel is a fun game, it also takes on the characteristics of a social network and job platform due to the strong community and play to earn opportunities that have come from its early success.

Key Features Brixel Collection – tons of Unique Brixels to collect, upgrade, and evolve to suit your playstyle. Item Collection – plant different items on the land to earn Brixels. PVP and PVE Modes – compete against others or play solo. Brixel War is a fun and graphically engaging game, it has incorporated a game storyline and “play to earn” elements to make it a dynamic game. The Brixel’s economics is designed to reward players for their contributions to the game.

Players can earn by: Advancing rounds in “Battle” mode or competing in PVP battles to get BLP (Consumable Token) Evolve Brixels, items and sell them on the NFT marketplace Collect and speculate on rare Brixels, items, lands Battle in PVP mode and receive rewards based on your seasonal ranking. Staking BXS to earn rewards Upgrade and customize their territory to host shops and earn BLP