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BITCORN was thought out and developed to mimic Loyalty Rewards Points chatbots that currently exist on Twitch and other platforms. It was inspired by Doge and its usage across Reddit, but expanded to include Twitch and Discord via our in-house, custom developed bots.

Over the last 3 years, BITCORN has focused on keeping our Masternode + PoS chain stable, as well as developing core systems AROUND utilizing CORN cryptocurrency. This has been accomplished via - a one stop shop to sync all your social media accounts that we support, and use a tipping currency that any content creator can utilize in their Twitch live streams and discord servers, with a UNIVERSAL BALANCE, simply by inviting the BITCORNhub BOT to your channels.

BITCORN's end goal is to be a game development studio that utilizes BITCORN in all our titles - a way for people to play games with their friends, and earn currency that can be cashed out to a fiat of your choice. A way for people to make a living, simply by playing video games with their friends.

BITCORN also aims to change the education system and approach to educating a smarter generation, rather than regurgitating useless information that is irrelevant in adulthood, and it will start with