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ApeBUSD has been established to provide huge rewards to holders in stable BUSD. It does this by using innovative tokenomics to penalize and prevent “Pump & Dump” trading by levying a special penalty tax on an individual wallet to promote a smooth and ascending chart. This tax of 14% is applied to an individual wallet only and decreases by 1% per day to reduce to zero over 2 weeks thus allowing loyal holders to continue to take profits while incentivizing new buyers to hold in order to maximize return. Once established, a portion of all buys and sells will be donated to leading charitable organizations around the world who are charged with protecting our closest animal relatives. We will only work with reputable charities to ensure our contributions make it to the effected animals and do the most good possible to achieve our goals. We have reached out to over 150 international charities with an offer of support and are in discussions with several early adopters who see the potential of ApeBUSD to provide them with the vital funds they need to continue their valuable work.