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Self-reported circulating supply
82,200,000 AMDG
Total supply
242,750,000 AMDG
Max. supply
250,000,000 AMDG

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About AMDG Token

We are building an ecosystem starting with AM-Wallet [an all-in-one mobile application / multi crypto wallet] and AM-Card [Virtual/Plastic Debit Card] which will provide ease for crypto users, that allows you to Buy, Trade, Store, Cash-Out, Spend and Save like features through staking for your crypto holdings. With more then 20+ popular and demanded tokens readily available on our AM-Wallet which includes Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC) and of course AMDG token. AMDG Token will be utilised to offset transactional charges. At the same time, allow holders to stake AMDG tokens and earn higher yields within our AM-Wallet. We understand security is of the utmost importance, therefore it is paramount that our AM-wallet is secure, ascertained with assurance and efficient at the same time. Being a hosted wallet, AM-Wallet never stores your private keys within the system, making it impossible to steal your funds even when your device is hacked. It is also reassuring as AM-Wallet is able to operate within a licensed fully regulated financial institution in Europe. Users’ account is protected by a 3-layer security, anti-fraud protocol and insured by BitGo for up to €150 million. To ascertain the viability of the project long term goals and objectives, AMDG tokenomics will be centred on a fixed supply of 250,0000,0000 AMDG Token, and with a fixed deflationary model. We had taken this approach with an objective that by decreasing the supply gradually and the locked tokens are released in stages to provide a fast deflationary model for the first 6 years. Only 40% of the total supply will be left in circulation. This is due to the fact that during the first few years, the tokens need to have good traction. Instead of just throwing out marketing dollars, we piece all of the puzzle to expedite traction. Token holders would want to see economic growth in the cryptocurrencies that they support or purchase. Thus, with a fast deflationary model coupled with AM-Wallet and proper marketing, this can be achieved and produce the desired results for token holders. The logic behind burning of tokens and also having new supply trickling in is mainly to control the supply and demand. With future plans to explore more into the crypto-sphere, this is just the beginning.