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What is the Goal of 5ire?

Embed the for-benefit paradigm at the heart of blockchain, highly incentivize practices that align with the UN SDGs, facilitate the transition from 4IR to 5IR and accelerate the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Why 5ire?

Ever-rising climatic conditions and environmental damage, blockchains & Cryptocurrency are not sustainable, businesses not acting as a force for good, blockchain innovation has focused on financial applications and profits & Purpose don’t co-exist.

What makes 5ire better than other layer1 projects?

With regards to its open source or corporate competitors, 5ireChain is superior in the following ways:

  • Stronger security guarantee
  • Sustainability by design
  • First movers in the market
  • More Decentralized
  • Better Governance & Democracy
  • Easier Upgradeability
  • Faster Transaction Speed

5ire envisions a future where the ecosystem is restructured as sovereign heterogeneous shards of a global network of connected chains --achieving true horizontal and vertical scalability that single chains can never achieve. It assures openness, unity of purpose, and inclusivity. Thus, shaping the ethics of business and collaborations toward sustainability while providing a cross-chain environment, plus advanced governance & rewarding mechanisms.