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What Is 100xCoin (100xCoin)?

100xCoin (100xCoin) is a community-driven auto-deflationary auto-liquidity token, following a goal of educating society about crypto and setting a new standard for safety and usability in DeFi space. Despite being initially created as a meme coin 100xCoin quickly grew into a venture with a clear use-case. The project features an ecosystem of comprehensible tools that offer excellent user-experience for both crypto newcomers and professional traders.

100xcoin is focused on building an engaged community and shows transparency in every aspect of the token’s development. The project is built on clear thought-through tokenomics and allows holders to collectively work on major decisions on the platform.

First launched in March 2021 as 100xElon, the token was rebranded as 100xCoin in April 2021 following a community vote.

Who Are the Founders of 100xCoin?

Ken Llamas, the founder of the 100xCoin project, is an experienced trader and a well-known social media influencer, maintaining an educational youtube channel Ken the Crypto that teaches subscribers about cryptocurrency investments. Ken has been uploading videos since 2017 and posts token updates in full transparency. Before 100xCoin Ken Llamas founded a number of businesses including a successful digital marketing agency.

Cow Jump Moon — Chief Operating Officer (COO) of 100xCoin, possesses years of experience in guiding startups. One of the key members on the team, he is responsible for supervising all the administrative and operational functions. Cow Jump Moon formerly worked with companies of over 100 employees and led corporations that grew to multimillion valuation.

What Makes 100xCoin Unique?

100xCoin is a meme coin that is now building an ecosystem of user-friendly tools aimed at simplifying the process of working with crypto. The project released a mobile app 100xAltbase, that allows traders to easily purchase a variety of meme coins and utility tokens. With 100xAltbase investors no longer need to use a third-party wallet and set up a DEX to acquire tokens of their choosing. 100xAltbase is an all-in-one app with a simple user-interface that enables traders to buy altcoins utilizing a credit or debit card.

The ecosystem also features a launchpad 100xCollabs that partners with influencers and professional athletes. The platform provides an opportunity for holders to stake their coins in an NFT-marketplace and acquire unique art created by celebrities.

100xRocket is a tool that allows clients to easily generate their own launchpad — a platform for investors to discover new crypto projects before the public release. The coin creator will have an opportunity to sign up to the service for an up-front or monthly fee and start the launchpad for their currency without having to hire a team of software developers.

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How Many 100xCoin Coins Are There in Circulation?

100xCoin is an auto-deflationary auto-liquidity token that gradually decreases in supply from 935,312,500,000,000 total amount minted. The company advocates for transparent asset distribution and features no reserve for founders or developers.

3% of every transaction is burned, rewarding holders with an increase in token’s value. 5.5% goes to the liquidity pool, 50% of which is converted to BNB and paired with the remaining amount. 1.5% of every transaction is allocated for marketing and development needs of the company.

How Is the 100xCoin Network Secured?

100xCoin is built on Binanace Smart Chain (BSC). The blockchain implements a Proof-of-Stake-Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism, which uses a limited number (21) of active transaction validators.

When Will 100xCoin Trading Begin?

100xCoin was launched in April 2021 on Binance Smart Chain.

Can 100xCoin Hit $0.01?

Token price spiked a few times shortly after the release, reaching at its highest $0.0000001783. Apart from that it has been overall stable since launch and stayed at around $0.00000001. The 100xCoin project is actively developing and already features an ecosystem of unique DeFi tools, an innovative tokenomics model and an engaged community. The token has a chance to increase its value although it is unlikely to reach $0.01, given the large initial supply.

Where Can You Buy 100xCoin?

100xCoin is currently available for purchase on the following exchanges: Gate.io, PancakeSwap (V2), BitMart, PancakeSwap and BKEX

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