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Цена PONT в реальном времени

Pontem is building the #1 wallet and asset swap on Aptos. liquidswap.com is live now on devnet and is trending 40K monthly active users. The Official pontem wallet will be natively embedded with protocols like Liquidswap and liquid staking derivatives.

Liquidswap is the safest AMM exchange for volatile and stable pairs on Aptos. Built by Aptos backed Pontem, it has feature parity with both Uniswap and Curve using various bonding curves to enable liquidity providers and traders to swap assets. Liquidswap is audited by Ottersec, Halborn and Zellic. Token economic audit coming soon.

The architecture is secure and censorship resistance with open and immutable code with no upgradeability backdoors. Liquidity providers can earn variable and fixed APRs with risk adjusted yields for early LPs that are competitive with other AMMs on the market. Concentrated liquidity functionality will also soon be available.