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仮想通貨:  5,158市場:  20,675時価総額:  $249,826,724,62024時間のボリューム:  $152,632,039,278BTCドミナンス:  64.1%
時価総額:  $249,826,724,62024時間のボリューム:  $152,632,039,278BTCドミナンス:  64.1%仮想通貨:  5,158市場:  20,675


$0.009653 USD (-10.84%)
0.00000110 BTC (-10.49%)
Crypto Credit
  • 時価総額
    $73,306.04 USD
    8.35735553 BTC
  • ボリューム(24時間)
    $14.79 USD
    0.00168661 BTC
  • 循環サプライ
    7,593,802 ANON
  • 総合サプライ
    8,554,514 ANON
  • 最大供給
    20,228,644 ANON


Launched in September 2018, ANON (a.k.a. Anonymous) describes itself as a cryptocurrency with privacy and masternode features that aims to build upon Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency technologies. The team includes Jake Greenbaum (Jake the CryptoKing) as its founder and advisors such as Steven Nerayoff, Eli Blatt, and Ran Neu-Ner. Similar to cash, ANON reportedly allows the payer and payee to remain anonymous while transacting - Users can selectively anonymize transactions that are made over the network using zk-SNARKs.

According to the team, ANON's shielded addresses keep balances and transactions private and untrackable. Balances and transactions can also be made transparent by using the unshielded addresses. This allows the network to maintain a secure ledger of balances without disclosing the users or amounts involved. Instead of publishing spend-authority and transaction values, the transaction metadata is encrypted and zk-SNARKs are used to prove the integrity of balances and coin supply.

ANON rewards its masternode operators with a portion of the block rewards and allows operators voting rights on community-raised proposals. Proposals can be made by anyone upon payment of 100 ANON, and once passed, these proposals direct the payment of superblocks to fund tertiary initiatives. Although developmental pathing decisions rest with the team, the community is able to directly influence the project via the proposals and voting process.Following the coin-burn in January 2019, there will be a maximum of 20,228,644 ANON that will ever exist, making it a deflationary currency. Find out more at https://anoncrypto.io/

ANON データ

ANON Price
$0.009653 USD
$73,306.04 USD
$14.79 USD
7,593,802 ANON
8,554,514 ANON
20,228,644 ANON
$0.948428 USD
(Sep 28, 2018)
$0.005600 USD
(Jan 07, 2020)
52週 高値 / 安値
$0.296492 USD /
$0.005600 USD
90日 高値/安値
$0.023071 USD /
$0.005600 USD
30日 高値/安値
$0.023071 USD /
$0.008721 USD
7日 高値/安値
$0.020218 USD /
$0.008721 USD
24時間 高値/安値
$0.010879 USD /
$0.009591 USD
$0.010879 USD /
$0.009663 USD
$0.010140 USD /
$0.009769 USD
$-0.000371 USD (-3.66%)
$13.71 USD
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