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FINIX Quotazione in tempo reale

Il prezzo odierno di The live è di €0.466441 EUR con un volume di trading in 24 ore di non disponibile. Definix ha registrato un calo del 7.99% nelle ultime 24 ore. L'attuale posizione in classifica su CoinMarketCap è #6548, con una capitalizzazione di mercato pari a non disponibile L'offerta circolante non è disponibile e una fornitura massima di 99,999,999 FINIX monete.

FINIX holders can enjoy the benefits of a stepped-ladder fee discount in other words the more you hold the higher the fee discount. The discount can only be used with the investment fee.

Price Insurance For investors and fund managers who deem their portfolio is becoming too risky, they can subscribe to our platform-issued insurance. Users can buy up downside and upside protected options with DEFINIX. For example, they want a yield only strategy and eliminate the risks of holding a token. They can buy our put option pool and eliminate the price risk.

Trading Program For users who wish to display their trading skill to the public and win a chance to become a qualified trader, they can enroll in the trading program by depositing the FINIX and trade on a dedicated address where it will be monitored closely by our team. If you pass, you may be granted access to manage one of our funded accounts and endless access to managing our platform users’ capital.

Special Long-term Fund Undecided yet the following is tentative subject Users can invest in a special long-term fund created and managed by our platform money managers. Investing in this fund will grant users special benefits and rewards inaccessible in our vanilla products provided in our platform.

Long-term Stake Users can stake their asset to the specific pool called “Long-term Stake” to earn a share to receive an asset in the pool based on the proportion of the asset they staked. The long term stake pool is the pool of reward collecting from trading fees of the DEX activity.

Governance Token ‌FINIX is a token that developers create to allow token holders to help shape the future of a protocol. Governance token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself.







FINIX Statistiche sui prezzi

Definix Prezzo oggi
Prezzo Definix€0.4665
Cambio di prezzo24h€-0.04413
24h Basso / 24h Alto
€0.4489 /
Volume degli scambi24hNessun dato
Volume / Market CapNessun dato
Posizione dominante sul mercatoNessun dato
Posizione mercato#6548
Definix Capitalizzazione di mercato
Cap. del mercatoNessun dato
Capitalizzazione di mercato completamente diluita€46,647,305.33
Definix Prezzo ieri
Di ieri Bassa / Alta
€0.4929 /
Apertura/Chiusura ieri
€0.5037 /
Risultato ieri


Volume ieriNessun dato
Definix Cronologia dei prezzi
7d Bassa/ 7d Alta
€0.4489 /
30d Bassa / 30d Alta
€0.3178 /
90d Bassa / 90d Alta
€0.3178 /
52 Settimana Bassa / 52 Settimana Alta
€0.3178 /
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Jul 05, 2021 (3 months ago)
Più basso di sempre
Aug 31, 2021 (25 days ago)
ROI Definix
Nessun dato
Definix Fornitura
Rifornimento circolanteNessun dato
Rifornimento totaleNessun dato
Rifornimento massimo99,999,999 FINIX