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What is ZEROPAY Finance?

ZEROPAY finance is a decentralised payment token which is a frictionless, high-yield, deflationary token held on the Binance Smart Chain.

ZEROPAY enables to use convenient and rapid payment service anytime and anywhere with all digital asset including crypto currency. ZEROPAY is an open payment system for every main agent of economic systems such as E commerce, business owner, finance company, retail shop, Distribution Company, and fin-tech Company.

A variety of large e-commerce platforms throughout worldwide are partnering with ZeroPay Finance to drive initial adoption. Merchants can save potentially hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars-worth of transaction fees annually, and stand to gain additional market share from competitors. In this way, ZEROPAY will begin creating a more useful and trusted decentralized marketplace with its existing alliance of e-commerce partners.

Who is the Founder of Zeropay Finance?

Zeropay Finance was founded by Franco Nelson, who has seven years of Block chain experience.

He has great skills in coding & other related fields. He always try to be in public for his community members through his twitter profile

What’s Zeropay Finance Overall Strategy?

ZeroPay Finance achieves the decentralization of payment Networks by integrating with decentralizing Cryptocurrency wallets, deploying decentralized Technical structures, along with relevant operation And governance mechanisms.

As a decentralized open ecosystem, the ZeroPay payment network provides access to various assets that can be liquidated, including but not limited to various cryptocurrencies, tokens, credit payments and points of credit service providers, various forms of digital assets, and fiat currencies; ultimately helping to open up options for transactions and not limit them to one single form of currency.

What makes Zeropay Unique?

With the frictions and pains working with traditional centralized payment networks such as Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and other switching network, ZeroPay payment network adheres to the concept of “decentralization” from payment currency, technical architecture, operation system and governance mechanism for their visions and goals.

Zeropay allows its users to transact their cryptocurrency assets as a payment method throughout the world.

What are Zeropay Crypto Cards?

The zero pay card allows users to spend their cryptocurrency balance on the zero pay wallet with ease by paying at any supported payment point or withdrawing at supported ATMs worldwide, as conveniently as local currency is used today.

What are the benefits of Zeropay Crypto Cards?

A user is also able to select the cryptocurrency with which they would like to make payment. For enhanced card security, users can choose to receive real-time notifications upon the completion of each zeropay card transaction, and lock or unlock their zeropay card at any time. Full transaction details of payment and withdrawals using the zeropay card can also be viewed on the zeropay wallet.

◆ Zero card issue charges

◆ Zero yearly fee

◆ No hidden charges/taxes

◆ Easy to Use