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YachtingVerse is a VR platform built on the BSC smart chain. Yacht themed open world VR platform. This platform is all stakeholders in the metaverse and yacht industry will come together.

Our vision is to build a metaverse where users, consumers, brands and allyacht industry stakeholders can easily come together. We will ensure all these in a transparent, fair and democratic order. We will build a platform where all the problems of the yacht industry, from marketing to crew training, will be addressed.

Our mission is to technologically convert the yacht industry with web 3.0.

YachtingVerse includes but is not limited to the following: ⚓️ Education: YachtingVerse will offer VR-based solutions for both theoretical and practical training of the crew. We will provide training at international standards with our partners and trainers from many parts of the world. ⚓️ Play to Earn: Platform consists of two games, a simulation, and an NFT game. These games are developed for Yachters to discover, learn, earn NFT and $YACHT rewards. ⚓️ Smart Editor: Smart Editor is a software development kit for yachters to develop their games and applications. Yachters can create, share and revenue their 3D digital assets. 3D assets can be viewed and played on the Yachtingverse platform. ⚓️ YachtLand: Yachtingverse is divided into tokenized blocks of land, which users can buy, rent and develop. YachtLand owners can upgrade and customize their land to create an office, shop, yacht chandlery, shipyard. YachtLand is built on BEP-721 token. ⚓️ Boat Show: Don't wait for boat shows. You can organize a boat show 365 days a year. You will be able to show, launch, sell and charter your yacht whenever you want in YachtingVerse. Yacht Landowners will always be able to organize boat shows for their guests. This may be for guests only or in public. It is part of the reflection of technology and innovation on the yacht industry. ⚓️ Yacht NFT: Yachters will be able to buy NFT's and assets to customize their buildings and avatars at the Yacht Market. Yachters will also be able to create with Smart Editor and sell their own NFT and assets. Yachters will earn a 7% reward from ad revenue by staking NFT on the avatar and YachtLand. ⚓️YachtWEARABLE: Users can buy wearables assets from famous brands for their avatars on MarketPlace. They can define the clothes they want with the API connection or design the wearable assets themselves with the SDK. ⚓️ Advertisement: YachtingVerse will provide advertising solutions for brands. YachtingVerse will allow advertisements to be served directly on totems and billboards. We will share all of the ad revenue directly with our NFT owner community. We will provide a revenue stream for our stakeholders. There will be a total of 101 totems & billboards and 20 skyscraper skins in the YachtingVerse. Prices will vary depending on their location. Advertising NFTs will only be owned with YACHT token. ⚓️ DYachtAPP: dYachtApp is a decentralized yacht management application. Dapps(decentralized app) is the name given to decentralized applications. They offer similar functionality to regular apps, but the main difference is that they run on a peer-to-peer network like a blockchain. This means that no one or organization has control over the network. It meets all your management needs with a secure and simple application.