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WitcherVerse is the first token to celebrate the release of the second season of the Witcher on Netflix! We aim to grow a strong fan community around our token and offer WitcherPunks, pixelart NFT collectibles to accumulate and trade!

Also there will be a staking feature added to offer a nice passive income for our investors! The dApp can already be viewed on the website! The tokenomics are unique as they have a buyback that can be used when needed to stabilize the chart. There is also a tax that provides additional liquidity to ensure a smooth growth and a steady floor price.This token has an audit on dessertswap, they found no critical issues with the token. The liquidity is locked for 6 months on dxsale. The team is KYCed as well. Our team has formed recently as we have seen many projects fail and teams take unfinished and unsafe contracts and deploy them without second thought. We wanted to offer a safe investment opportunity for our community. This and a great logo and name was our starting point for this project and as we all love the witcher series and books we wanted to base our token on the WitcherVerse!