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What Is WindSwap (WINDY)?

WindSwap is the world’s first deflationary bridging token, which is to be used on our existing decentralized exchange here, for our cross-chain bridge.

Our platform allows the convenient trading of any BEP-20 token and will provide further functionality around charting and automated due diligence for our users.

The network runs on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, which offers EVM Compatibility, Low Fees, Proof of Staked Authority, Cross-Chain Transfers and Block time of approximately 3 seconds.

What Makes WindSwap Unique

Windswap offers a comprehensive set of tools to assist our users to have a smooth experience when they transact tokens online. WindSwap already provides a live and fully functional exchange platform which can connect to popular wallets like Meta Mask, Trust Wallet among others and comes pre-loaded with a list of tokens that can be exchanged.

WindSwap allows you to trade nearly every BEP-20 token on the BSC network. We are now creating interactive real time charts, smart limit orders, due diligence (‘rug checking’) tools, and a cross-chain bridge capability to convert TRX or ETH network tokens to the BSC.

How Many WINDY Coins Are There in Circulation?

WindSwap is a deflationary token, with a maximum of 25 million coins. This is being reduced to 8.8 million over 192 cycles via the built in rebasing process.

What are cycles and how do they work?

WindSwap charges a small levy every time tokens are transacted which causes rotations to be completed and a rebase to occur every 2.5million tokens. A rebase marks the end of a rotation and the beginning of the next. At this point, 75% of the levy tokens collected during the cycle are burnt and the remaining 25% of levy tokens are redistributed to the wallet pool of WindSwap holders.

Where Can I Buy WindSwap (WINDY)?

WindSwap is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges including Pancake Swap which is located here, or on our own decentralized exchange platform WindSwap[here] (

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