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About VeraSwap

Launched in 21/02/2021 by a team based in Spain, Veraswap is a a fully automated market maker token with staking and other market driving features. Veraswap brings a mix of several Decentralized Finance protocols under one platform with an easy to use (user friendly) interface. Key Features of Veraswap Ecosystem

  1. Serves as a means of exchange for other BEP 20 tokens to BNB and vice versa. This is achieved through an algorithmically price determination mechanism.

  2. Staking VRAP token to earn rewards based on certain APY offerings.

  3. Provides a means to add liquidity to other pools or create a market.

  4. VeraSwap comes with some additional tools like analytics, vote and more to make it more exciting for users. Liquidity provision Reward on VeraSwap

Just as with other automated market makers, Veraswap provides a means by which those who provide liquidity to the ecosystem are rewarded. For now the liquidity providers earn an average 180% to 680% offering which will be proportional to their share in the pool, fees are added to the pool, accrued in real-time and can be claimed by withdrawing their liquidity.

VRAP Token

VRAP token (VRAP) is a BEP 20 token on Binance Smart Chain. Thus, this token is guaranteed to work properly in the ecosystem. It can be used in other decentralized programs without any problems. VRAP token is a governance token of VeraSwap Protocol just like many other automated market maker protocols. The VRAP token will serve as the basis of major rewards within the Veraswap ecosystem as well a decision making for voters.