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150,000,000 VMT
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Oct 25, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Aug 20, 2023 (9 months ago)
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About Vemate

Stage 1 fully developed VeVe NFT alarm and analysis app, launched on the 5th April (1 month before any fundraising was held) on Android & iOS with 8000 users and growing by approximately 1000 every week since the Ecomi(VeVe) partnership announcement - the app is currently free to use. The reason why it is very popular is because it would increase VeVe NFT trading efficiency by 400% through price change alarms, low mint alarms, chart analysis, vault value tools, price tracking tools and many more which are being constantly rolled out.

•After launch, VeVe users will be able to access the app only by holding either $100 in VMT tokens or $200 in OMI tokens. With a potential pool of 700,000 VeVe users who will hold the VMT token long term and never trade it because of its utility.

Stage 2

A holistic NFT platform that will encompass an informational module which will condense all the major blockchain data in one place, an analysis module(similar to Trading View) and an NFT marketplace/large volume fractional NFT exchange. All of the aforementioned will have an automated educational assistant which will serve to help the Crypto or new users to learn about NFTs. This would take place after these users have been eased into the market by the large volume fractional NFT trading which enables them to enter the market without learning a single new skill.

I have prepared a case study to make the concept easier to visualise:

Step 1. Bob is an NFT artist and makes a 100 NFT collection via his own personalised workshop space within our stage 2 platform;

Step 2. Bob wants to increase his profile and potentially earn more from his work so he decides to fractionalise his tokens - he decides on each token having 1 million fractions and thus yielding 100 million fraction and they are tokenised in a few clicks which result in 100 million tokens;

Step 3. Bob wants to list on our market exchange therefore he needs liquidity, he can add that himself or he can hold a seed round to raise it. Bob finally lists;

Step 4. Upon listing users will(in theory) be extremely keen to get in first and purchase tokens. Why would they be so keen? 99 out of the 100 NFTs will be redeemable from the Vault because Bob decided on this configuration - he has some liberties with regards to the configuration of the ecosystem. What this entails is that the first user to purchase 1 million tokens will be able to redeem an NFT from the vault in exchange for the aforementioned tokens. The tokens will be partly burned and partly distributed for various utilities within the ecosystem - The entire liquidity remains locked;

Step 5. Users continue to purchase tokens and redeem NFTs from the vault. As part of this process the liquidity remains locked throughout which leads to a drastic increase in the token value with each redemption that is carried out. The final NFT will remain locked in the vault forever as a collateral or backing (similar to nation states' gold reserve in the past). In theory, the amount of liquidity locked against that one remaining NFT will be dictating the price of all the other redeemed NFTs which is why we anticipate a significant level of interest in the launching phase of these tokens.

Effects of this are the following:

A current market of approximately 5-7 million NFT owners/creators (largest blockchains taken into account only) will have a potential pool of 300 million crypto users because this configuration allows the latter to penetrate the NFT market without the steep learning curve or learning anything new for that matter. However, at the end of this they will be redeeming NFTs so they will want to somehow get acquainted and learn more about this market. This is where the other 4 modules come in - Informational database, analytics database and traditional NFT marketplace all glued together by the automated educational assistant which allows these Crypto traders, once they have been eased into the market by fractional trading,

To learn about the particulars of the NFTs they redeem so that they can more efficiently trade or utilise them via our platform.