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UNSAFEMOON Price Live Data

What is UnSafeMoon?

UnSafeMoon is a community driven, decentralized RFI token turned up to the max. A 10% tax is implemented on transactions, 5% of which distributes to holders, and 5% to liquidity. Our heavily weighted burn wallet containing 99.9% of the supply eats a % of this redistribution at a faster rate than any other RFI token available. Holders are rewarded with tokens while the supply is burned.

UnSafeMoon is a utility token that is used for:

Unsafemoon will be used to pay transaction fees on our RFI Smart DEX, custom RFI token generator, RFI token auditing tookit, and NFT marketplace. All fees charged on the platform will be paid in UNSAFEMOON and sent directly to the burn wallet, further diminishing the supply.

UnsafeMoons tools include:

RFI Smart DEX NFT marketplace RFI token generator RFI token auditing toolkit DEX aggregation tools

How many UnsafeMoon are in circulation?

UnSafeMoon was fair-launched on 5/13/2021 with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. With a 99.9% supply burn, UnSafeMoon's current circulating supply is 891,634,884,920 and falling on each transaction made. No team funds, LP burned.

Who are the founders of UnSafeMoon?

The current team is an international group of long term crypto builders with an array of experience in blockhain development, marketing, graphic design, and finical market backgrounds.

TG Handles:

@CreamS0da @NeireNoir @Papasiro