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2022 Price Live Data

Twenty22-trusted and secure investment.

What is the 2022 token?

It is a decentralized DEP20 token built on the BNB Chain network with a tax-free smart contract that aids in the growth of the token and makes it a store of value.

Why on BNB Chain?

Twenty22 was based on BNB Chain for ease and transparency of transactions and to ensure low cost and high speed

How many Tokens are there?

MaxSupply of twenty22 tokens 2022000 only 5% have been minted, equivalent to 101100 of the maxsuplly all it will be minted as needed when liquidity is added to the exchanges or when there are potential partners.

Why Twenty22 trusted and secure investment ? Locked liquidity inspires confidence in the hearts of investors, and the security audit report always provides reassurance that the Twenty22 smart contract is immune to penetration. https://twenty22.org/audit-report/