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The Fabled

What is The Fabled? A play-to-earn action RPG where you use your Fabled NFT character to fight your way through a series of worlds, earn rewards, and trade NFTs. Built in Unreal Engine 5 and powered by Xenum, The Fabled takes advantage of state of the art technology in the blockchain and gaming space.

What is $ABYS? ABYS-(Abyss Fragments) are the blockchain based reward tokens used for in-game transactions. They can also be staked for future NFTs and in-game drops.

How long has The Fabled been in development? The game has been in development since 2019. With most of it's core functionality complete.

Who are the developers and founders behind The Fabled?

Luc-Michael Mascioli: Co-Founder and lead game developer for The Fabled. Luc-Michael started work on the game as a solo developer and helped develop almost all of the games core functionality as well as a sizable portion of the 3D assets used in the game.

Nirujan Ragulan: Co-Founder and lead blockchain researcher. Nirujan and his passion for Blockchain technology helped advise on the blockchain integration for the game as well as aiding in community management efforts as the game grows in scale.