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Tate Token is a fan-token with utility representing the Tate brothers who have recently had an explosive rise to fame on social media following an affiliate marketing strategy that proved to be immensely successful. The Tate Token team has developed and launched a DAPP that extrapolates this strategy with their new Post2Earn marketing incentive. This incentive will be rolled out at launch to propel Tate Token, a token powered by BNB, to becoming a great hit in the space through affiliate marketing. It works by allowing users to input their wallet address and social media post links by using the ‘connect’ functionality on the Crypto Academy DAPP and then rewarding tokens dependant on the statistics of their content. Crypto Academy will not be limited to the Post2Earn protocol but will also offer users other opportunities to make money through courses, forums, freelance work opportunities and eventually podcasts to live seminars and lectures on only the most lucrative money-making topics.