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Self-reported circulating supply
17,620,990,303 SL
Total supply
100,000,000,000 SL
Max. supply
100,000,000,000 SL

SOLOXCOIN community





Soloxcoin founder got the idea before covid pandemic hits the world, the idea was developed as a need for a solution in the developing countries where the payment methods are limited and almost everything is done with cash. Also to find a solution to work from home or work online as a freelance or as an independent online service providers in areas such as Graphic and design
Digital marketing
Writing or translation
Video and Animation
Music and audio
Programming & Tech For that we founded EXBarter is a digital platform for networking between online service providers. The idea of exbarter came through combining the Terms : exchange and barter to develop a new form of bartering that depends on Soloxcoin as a payment method to support the idea and make it doable to liquidate the service providers efforts according to the EXBarter system, we are planning to add a decentralized dispute solving system with anemones voting system which gives the voters points as a reward and they can use the points in bartering in the platform.

And we are aiming as any startup to be atchevers in both ways the materialistic way to earn money and to make an impact and to give back to the community and we are working on a plan to succeed in both ways.

The impact goals that we want to achieve are compatible with a number of the sustainable development goals of the united nation in this areas
Quality of education from the big experience of the founders of soloxcoin in the education industry and their contribution through establishing 10 schools in turkey in the past 9 years. providing a decent work environment: through our effort to develop a platform to organize the digital services exchange between the digital service providers and the users. economic growth: through focusing on the uprising economy which is the digital service economy. Gender equality: through aiming to provide equal job opportunities for both genders. No poverty: through the contribution of developing a platform that helps people with no money to get a job easily.

The revenue model Through EXBarter system the reward points for the service providers efforts will be exchanged to SOLOXCOIN Where it will be the only crypto currency to liquidate the service providers for the digital services that they provide on EXBarter and with the grow of the platform the the token volume will grow. According to our marketing plan we are aiming to build partnerships with governmental and nongovernmental organizations that are focused on developing the digital service ecosystem in countries with fragile states and we will develop a program that aims for developing the youth abulites and opening new digital markets and Create mechanisms and systems that enable them to use SOLOXCOIN As a standard to monetize their digital efforts, The EXBarter platform seeks to create niche communities in the digital services market and through activities and competitions, the digital services exchange system will be activated and seeking to monetize these efforts via Soloxcoin, the only cryptocurrency to monetize digital efforts