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What Is Say Network (SAY)?

Say Network is our layer-1 blockchain and uSAY is the first application in our ecosystem. uSAY is a decentralized social media built to create more self-sovereignty for individual users and the energy they commit to interaction. The energy, popularity, reach and engagement of media objects is represented through the use of the SAY token. When a piece of media is created and published the efficacy and absorption radius of that media is measured by its Social Activity Coefficient (SAC). The Say Network will dynamically calculate the SAC value of an individual piece of media based upon that media object’s engagement curve over the course of its lifetime receiving SAY token rewards. Users who interact with – view, amplify, modify, create – a media object will receive SAY tokens based on the accrued SAC value. SAY holders are incentivized to unlock utility of the token through various mechanisms that allow tokens to be utilized within the Say Network and ecosystem. The goal of SAY token mechanics is to incentivize healthy growth of content and services while creating more transparency for the exchange of human energy to nearly instant realized value distinguished by a user’s uploaded media object’s engagement curve on the network through a decentralized social media platform.

SAY Is the Native Utility Token That Is Used For:

The SAY token is a utility token that represents the transfer of attention from one ecosystem participant to another. The token represents the amount of engagement and activity a particular piece of content or media has accrued. If a user likes a particular piece of content or media that individual user can choose to endorse and amplify the reach of that specific piece of content. The wider the reach a piece of content has, the more tokens the owners of that content can receive.

While token volume will increase relative to a piece of content's popularity, the Say Network team sees exploratory mechanics related to token liquidity, rewards, and content boosting. The goal of SAY token mechanics is to incentivize healthy growth of content and services while creating transparency for the exchange of human energy to nearly instant realized value distinguished by a human user’s media object’s engagement curve on the Say Network.

Why Fork Solana and Why Not Just Stay on Solana?

Say Network will launch on Solana and migrate to its own layer-1 blockchain 18 months after launch. The reason we are forking Solana if for its speed, low cost and energy efficiency. The purpose of forking Solana and be independent on our own layer-1 blockchain is to control transactional fees. We want to offer a 0 cost transaction fees so users of our applications can use the apps without having to think about holding any coins in their wallet. We think this will be a gamer changer and bring the user experience to another lever, closer to mass adoption. Our users will be able to use the web3 technology without even knowing anything about crypto.

Who Are the Founders of Say Network?

The true founders of Say Network is the community. The core team members is a group of people formed with the same vision in mind; Giving the power back to the users and creators. The role of the core team members is to the share that vision and to lead a decentralized social media revolution. We believe that no amount of money can compete with social media giants like Meta, Twitter and Tiktok, but focusing on community power could revolutionize the social media world.

What Is the Say Network Secret Sauce?

The social activity coefficient, or SAC, is a major ingredient in the Say Network secret sauce. The SAC algorithm will be implemented as a set of smart contracts deployed to the Say Network layer one. These contracts are responsible for analyzing and tracking content interaction relative to users within the Say Network ecosystem. The SAC, over time, will have the ability to recognize quality content and provide the mechanics for users to identify that content. A piece of content will have a higher number of plays and actions taken on a media object if the content distribution is favored based on users content variety through the systems algorithm which is mathematically evaluated. The SAC will quantify based on the content distribution and content variety of the evaluated media object.

Along with self-sovereignty, Say Network aims to enable users to be rewarded for recognizing content that is popular before it becomes so. Through the use of the SAY token, users are able to incentivize the ecosystem to develop quality content in the hopes the platform fosters and promotes what makes us human and does not detract from it. Users of the Say Network ecosystem apps will be able to claim rewards based on the SAC value accrued per user straight from hour social media profile dashboard which will be measured on every 24 hour epoch interval.

What are the Long-Term Goals of Say Network?

5 Years

Full decentralized media hub serving as a more efficient and fairer alternative for media production and distribution than Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. The term “user” becomes synonymous with “Creator” and “Maker”. Anyone with a mobile device can create a piece of content, mint it as an NFT and demonstrate ownership. Full NFT marketplace with escrow services paid and received in SAY Token. Social applications such as gaming, dating, traveling, dining, booking, will all have functionality with further utility with the SAY token on the Say Network Layer-1.

20 Years

Say Network is a household brand name that is an extension of people's daily lives fully integrated as a convenience and technology providing opportunity to create, consume, and become a publisher on a fully decentralized media network. Major media organizations with the Say Network ecosystem to engage with users and allow users to provide content back to media organizations seamlessly. Say Network has created a new dynamic allowing individual humans to not only work flexible schedules, but contribute more attention on hobbies and creative and intellectual pursuits.