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RocketVenture is the first Lossless NFT Blockchain Game in the world! Once players acquire NFTs (the rockets), they can test their luck without losing a dime but can earn up to 100x of their rocket’s base rewards every day.

This means that the better luck you have, the more you earn! Lossless NFT Game is a concept created by our team to improve on the Play to Earn concept. We believe that the Play to Earn industry lacks a certain “excitement”. Everything is so static and set in stone. You acquire NFTs, earn constant earnings (some low / some high) then you get bored and look for other games to play. Not in our book. We aim to take the Blockchain Gaming World to another level.

We are confident that the future of Blockchain Gaming World will be long to us! In addition, the pandemic has had its impact on the gaming market as millions of people experiencing lockdowns around and started to play games to kill time. People in the United States spent 50% more time playing video games during the pandemic. RocketVenture believes that the Lossless NFT Game model will disrupt the play to earn economy