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Welcome to Rhythm

Welcome to Rhythm! Rhythm (BeatPlaylist LTD) is a New Zealand based software company devoted to building and innovating Web3 and music streaming as we currently know it. $RHYTHM is at the forefront of what we create and is our native token powering the entire Rhythm Ecosystem.

What is Rhythm?

Rhythm Music is a CeDeFi web3-ready music streaming application currently operating on both Windows and macOS boasting a library of over 100 Million songs, music videos, and podcasts built on top of a Chromium Browser. In addition, our embedding tools allowed us to create a powerful yet simple-to-use interface that turns YouTube into a competitive music streaming alternative to the YouTube Music ecosystem.

Our premium subscription service will accept Rhythm, Fiat, and all partnered project tokens. Additionally, 25% of all Fiat transactions will be used as buy-back and added to the Rhythm Liquidity Pool monthly; This means that ALL of our premium subscribers, including both holders and non-holders of Rhythm, will be investing in the Rhythm ecosystem.

Our token, $RHYTHM, powers the Rhythm Music Listen-2-Earn, NFT Music Marketplace, Holder Perks and Rewards, and our innovative Artist Partner Program. Stream ad-free music directly from Rhythm Music and support artists worldwide!

Our Ecosystem

The Rhythm Ecosystem is a multi-project ecosystem centered around creating an entire music streaming ecosystem (Musicverse). Our product line-up includes Rhythm Music, a player-verse-player (PVP) casino (0xBet), a music NFT marketplace, and tools for artists and community members.

What is the Artist Partner Program?

The Artist Wallet will fund our Artist Partnership Program, which will track partnered artist streams on Rhythm and will calculate a monthly payout based on the number of streams partnered artists receive.

Rhythm already has all of the music, and YouTube already pays the artists for non-premium member streams. So artists who choose not to partner with Rhythm are just losing out on their percentage of the pie, which will get delegated to another partnered artist.

Realistically, suppose you told Drake that he was losing millions of dollars of potential revenue per month to another partnered artist. In that case, the first thing Drake would do is contact his manager and make sure he was partnered with Rhythm the next day.

When smaller artists are paid out large amounts of transaction taxes every month, which more prominent artists could also be receiving, those more prominent artists won't sit there and not partner with Rhythm.

How Many Rhythm Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Rhythm launched on the Binance Smart Chain on August 4th, 2021, after a 10-second presale sells out, raising 40 BNB, with 20 billion RHYTHM tokens created on contract creation. 20% of the supply is locked for Exchange Liquidity and Rhythm rewards, with 3.75% team member funds, 2.25% partner & investor funds, 10% burned, and 63% in circulation.

Who Are the Founders of Rhythm?

The Rhythm team includes Ryan Davern (CEO & Developer),& Austin Luna (Artist and YouTube partner with over 3 million subscribers - https://youtube.com/Luna). Our Current team consists of 7 Members and has been working on Rhythm together for over six years founded in Wellington, New Zealand, and becoming incorporated as BeatPlaylist LTD. (https://app.companiesoffice.govt.nz/companies/app/ui/pages/companies/6258193)

Together we, as a team, have the vision to innovate and provide an enjoyable, functional, and valuable solution to music streaming for both artists and consumers alike as the internet as we know it transitions into a new Web3 age.