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OASIS was launched May 26th 2018 as a community takeover, a continuation of a 2017 project discarded by the original creator and now aims to bring together gamers and esports participants by providing a decentralized network of nodes to provide gamers a rankings leaderboard across games and platforms determined via governance voting.

Oasis is a PoS/MN cryptocurrency, based on PIVX codebase with a considerably smaller circulating and predicted supply. Presently with a 75%/25% reward structure and 0.2 OASIS per block, Masternodes at this point receive 0.15 OASIS per reward and PoS receives 0.05 OASIS. The next decrease to 0.15 will be at Block 3153601. After 22 years, a projected supply of 1,440,144 OASIS will have been created.

With an anticipated supply that will take many years to reach one million, OASIS has a level of scarcity not seen in many other cryptocurrencies. Transactions of a fraction of an OASIS will be the norm.

Block time is 60 seconds, OASIS Confirmation time is 6 Blocks. 285 OASIS are required collateral for a Masternode, and Governance Proposal submission requires 2 OASIS.