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About the Notable ICO

What is Notable (NBL)?

Notable will be the first NFT experience-based Marketplace. We would introduce a new concept of NFT by moving from the concept of "collectible" to the concept of "experience" in which an NFT is linked to real life benefits. In this way influencers and artists, for example, can create NFTs that are linked to real experiences. To give a concrete example, these experiences can be dinners, participation in events and much more. From the user's point of view, it is possible to buy the NFT with the purpose of investing in a public figure and aiming at increasing its popularity or it can decide to take advantage of the NFT service for real life by burning it.

NBL is the native utility BEP20 token that is used for:

-Access to exclusive drops, listings and events (both digital and physical)

-A better ranking on the main marketplace page and in the themed section

-(For creators) advanced features and design possibilities on the personal profile page

-Periodic rewards through staking

-Fee discounts (calculated through the 30-day average holdings on the linked wallet, Binance-style)

-(For creators) increased royalties on future trading of the NFT (possible through staking a minimum value of NBL)

These are just some of the perks initially offered on the platform. The roadmap includes many more use-cases tied to DeFi improvements (collateralised landing, farming and pooling). Moreover, the plan is to turn the company into a DAO as soon as critical mass is reached and the process are all standardised, giving NBL holders the complete power over any decision regarding present and future of Notable.

HOW MANY NBL TOKEN ARE THERE IN CICRULATION? NBL total supply is 100.000.000 NBL Token. As tokenomics shows, DEX listing in Pancake Swap on Decembre 15th, 2021 will involve 5,78% of total supply equals to 5.778.300 NBL token.

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