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100,000,000 NBL
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100,000,000 NBL
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About Notable

Notable (NBL): Revolutionizing the NFT Marketplace with Experiential Assets

Notable is poised to pioneer the first-ever NFT marketplace centered on experiential assets, transcending the traditional "collectible" paradigm. Our innovative approach redefines NFTs by anchoring them to tangible real-world perks. This groundbreaking concept empowers influencers and artists to mint NFTs that offer holders authentic experiences, such as exclusive dinners or event access. Imagine owning an NFT that not only appreciates in value but also unlocks a world of unique, real-life adventures.

For the investor, Notable presents a dual opportunity: to back a public figure, potentially boosting their profile, or to redeem the NFT for its experiential value by 'burning' it. This fusion of digital and physical realms offers a new dimension to the utility of NFTs.

NBL, our native BEP20 token, is the cornerstone of the Notable ecosystem, facilitating:

Priority access to select drops, listings, and events, both virtual and in-person. Enhanced visibility on the marketplace, ensuring prime positioning for your offerings. For creators, a suite of sophisticated profile customization tools to showcase their unique brand. The opportunity to earn rewards through staking, incentivizing long-term engagement. Substantial fee reductions, determined by a 30-day average of holdings, akin to Binance's model. For creators, the potential for increased royalties from subsequent NFT trades, activated by staking a minimum quantity of NBL. The initial benefits are just the beginning. Our roadmap is rich with potential, integrating DeFi advancements such as collateralized lending, yield farming, and liquidity pooling. Our ultimate vision is to evolve into a fully-fledged DAO, entrusting NBL holders with governance rights to shape the present and future trajectory of Notable, once a critical user base is established and operations are standardized. Join us in this exciting journey to redefine the essence of value in the NFT space.